Tapachula, Mexico

Since the start of operations in 2004, the central concern of Ankon, always was to promote and encourage the consumption of domestic products among our population, with the vision of continuous improvement in the quality of the same and in the service provided.

From 2014 on coffee production, monitors the project under a new name: SOCONUSCOCOFFEE, under the company specialized in the field, Exportadora de Granos y Semillas del Sur Este SA de CV, whose brand image and develop seeking to focus on full line of coffee, from planting and harvesting in the field, through its profit and marketing chain until the end consumer

Our coffee is harvested in the area of Soconusco in Chiapas, place par excellence where the best national coffee export occurs. The handling is given to harvesting, selection and roasting of our beans, guarantee exquisite taste, delicious aroma and defined body that satisfies the palate of the most demanding connoisseur, ensuring greater consumption without health complications, be they by stomach or those concerning the nervous system pathway.

Proudly, SOCONOUSCOCOFFEE seeks to position itself in the national market, offering a product of the highest quality through a clean and honest image, which transmits the values of our company.

All flavor obtained from different mixtures could have; they are primarily a mixture of toasted grain one (by no means mixing different regions or qualities), and will always be of the same coffee plantations, thus ensuring that the grains are produced to the same standards of calidad.Sin But we take this opportunity to let you know that if required, can work also different mixtures, as express market requirements regarding quality, taste and price.

Contact information
Carretera a nueva Alemnia km 3.5
Nueva Alemania
Tapachula, Chiapas
Tel: 5540789288-5565984142
Tel: 5540789288-5565984142